Feb 1, 2014

What do you think about the video?


  1. I like it, but you know I don't think it was the best that could've been done with that video, and I'm pretty sure if it was their input it would've been a billion times better.

  2. yeah, there were too many locations. it was short and it was kind of fractured and didn't make a lot of sense. it's a shame. i expected a lot better. seems like a lot of work went into it without a great result.

  3. I totally agree, we need 'a story' in their videos.. x

  4. But I still like the refreshing style of the 1D videos....no sex, no woman in underwear, no big words....
    I like the idea of the old ladys in the clip.... But you are right it is a little messy...

  5. their earlier videos were simple and that worked well. and the elaborate BSE worked but it's 6+ minutes. This is under 4 minutes & too much going on. They should have limited it to two locations or told a more coherent story (but you really can't in under 4 minutes)

    1. i totally agree with you :) i mean it's a bit too much...all the different scenes...there's definitely too much going on!!
      but my favourite scene is probably the boat scene because on the boat it just looks like a normal 1D video :) they're just having fun and it doesn't look like they're acting