Jul 30, 2012

Lou today! 30.7.

Harry today! 30.7.

Lilo today! 30.7.

He looks like a bug hahaha

Some facts!

Zayn's first thing on his 'Before I Die' list is skydiving!
Louis' first kiss was in his garden! LOL
Zayn's not gonna rap on the up-coming album! x

1D takeover here! For about 20 minutes!

So sexy ♥

A few minutes ago, Louis knocked on a random door and ran away, he hid behind a car with Liam!

Zouis walking down the street a few minutes ago! ♥

Harry a few minutes ago! ♥

Harry with a fan a few minutes ago! ♥

That was a little reminder how sexy they are shirtless...

On a boat ♥

On a boat ♥

Zarry on the yacht, Sidney.

Cutie ♥

Oh yeah ♥

Shoulder Thrust ♥

Oh my God, just look at him... He would be a great model ♥

Haha Ziall ♥

Zarry ♥

Yesterday, Oxfordshire.

Narry ♥

This is could be my favourite ♥

Never let you go...

Being sexy the whole time! ♥

But Paul 

Nialler ♥