Aug 22, 2012

Good night loves. Tomorrow's the big day!! Can't wait! #1DBigAnnouncement

Narry ♥

Harry is so tan.

Click to enlarge X

Just perfect ♥

Liam and Gary Barlow ♥

I'm so so so excited! 1pm tomorrow!!

Niall today ♥

Louis and Liam riding bikes today ♥

Sexy Niam ♥

Hazza lol ♥

Danielle's new Twitter icon!

2 years of Harry's Twitter :)

Performance in Dallas ♥

During the interview in Australia

Lou, and Zayn in the back ♥

So beautiful ♥

Cutie ♥

Don't foget to vote!

You all need to watch this.

Real story...

Harry getting new tattoo.

I'm gonna miss Zayn's twitter, I hope he will tweet us from their official. Good Night.

Screenshot of his profile..Last tweet disappeared after I refreshed page once

What happened...

Today was a mess on Twitter and Tumblr... everywhere about that video of Zayn inviting girl to his bedroom. First of all we can't clearly see or hear Zayn on that video to say it 100% him. And yes, that was months ago...So what? He is now happy with Perrie and I think Zerrie is now real and I'm happy to see them together.
Everyone tweeted bad things to Zayn, they were sending hate and unfollowing him...
30 minutes ago he came on Twitter and wrote Goodbye tweets.
Before that he probably read all those awful things they were writing about him.