Nov 3, 2012

Big countdown: 11 days to go ♥

Nice car!

1D interview on Startalk.

Keep watching it! Everytime it ends refresh and watch again! We must break 24hrs record!

Zayn's new tattoo.

Interviewer: Did any of you know each other before you were put together as a band? [x]

Louis in Dare to Dream: Even though I didn’t speak to them much I remembered Harry and Liam well, because I saw them and thought, ‘You are definitely getting through.’ I had a photo taken with Harry because I knew he was going to be famous. I even gave him a hug and told him not to worry because I knew he’d be fine.

On Swedish X-Factor, 2.11.2012.

Snippets of all the songs from Take Me Home album.

Leaked: 'They Don't Know About Us' from Take Me Home album.

and 'Rock Me':

Soo they're in Paris now lol

Liam's full twitcam 2.11.2012.

First 5 minutes:

The rest of it:

Ziam interview, Sweden, 2.11.2012.

Performing WMYB on X-Factor Sweden, 2.11.2012.