Oct 30, 2012

One Direction on Ustream Part 1:

you can find other parts on the same channel.

Liam's explanation of his tattoo:

“Everything I wanted  but nothing I’ll ever need” — as

being about how he’s 

gotten everything he wanted from fame and singing

and money and whatever, but all he’ll ever need is his

“family, and these four boys right here.” 

Zayn ♥

Harry's tattoos.

Ustream just ended. x

Niall on Ustream ♥

New tattoo?

They're so cute!

Big countdown: 15 days to go ♥

Looking good!

1D ON USTREAM!!!!!!!!

1D ON USTREAM!!!!!!!!

One Direction - Little Things - 3 Days To Go

1D ON USTREAM!!!!!!!!

One Direction play Celebrity Scouser


Interviewer: What is Rebecca Ferguson's current single called? 
Zayn: Don't know, don't c...are!

Liam leaving Mahiki nightclub, 29.10.2012.

Liam's new tattoo is "Everything I Wanted But Nothing I'll Ever Need"

Harry Announces the Golden Ticket Winner!

Nialler was at Conor's concert last night :D

Niall and Conor last night ♥

Niall and Jack (Conor's brother) ♥

Me & my boy.. Come to support Conor!