Dec 2, 2012

OH MY GOD. Can't believe that Liam and Danielle are together, and those photos of Harry and Taylor Switf. I just can't believe.

Harry and Taylor!

With Tom Lou and Lux.

Liam and Danielle! 2.12.2012.

Don't know what's happening between them, are they still together or not but they're holding hands here.

Louis and Eleanor today, 2.12.2012.

Some girls were in Harry's hotel room, a cleaning lady let them in!!!

This girl took goldfish, it was on Harry's bed haha!

Mohegan Sun concert, 1.12.2012.

Zayn (with fans) and Liam outside their hotel, 2.12.2012.

Twitter questions, Mohegan Sun, 1.12.2012.

More photos from Mohegan Sun concert, 30.11.2012.

Louis in 'If I Had You' movie when he was kid.

Little Things, Mohegan Sun, 30.11.2012.

Harry moaning...

Harry during Moments, Mohegan Sun, 30.11.2012.

Mohegan Sun concert, 1.12.2012.

Their new dance lol

Boys had one more concert yesterday (1.12.2012.) at Mohegan Sun and tomorrow at Madison Square Garden!

Niall's braces are comming off in January!

Mohegan Sun concert, 1.12.2012.

Accepting some awards!