Jul 31, 2012

Louis yesterday, 30.7. ♥

Lilo yesterday, 30.7. ♥

Liam today ♥

Zayn today ♥

Hazza today ♥

Nialler today ♥

Damn hot.


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Best Pop Video and Best New Artist http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2012/categories.jhtml

Niall looking sexy as hell on a golf course 25.07.

and adorable as fuck:

Niall playing golf 25.07.

Liam on a golf course 25.07.

How sexy he is...

Harry playing golf 25.07.

Harry on a golf course 25.07.

Baby ♥

That laugh ♥

Zayn let me hug you ♥

Ziall ♥

Boys yesterday! ♥

His sex hair 

Sexy ♥

Zayn enjoying countryside. lol

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