Aug 26, 2012

Gotta go :s Have a lovely night/day! ♥

Danielle is such a sweetheart she arranged Liam's birthday party and ordered a cake for him :'D

On the set of LWWY!!!!! ♥


Oh hello! ♥

Liam and his birthday cake ♥

OMG I'm always making mistakes...Sorry!!

Snowflake ♥

Harry and Niall last night ♥


I couldn't upload it on youtube I had some issues I'll try again and will post link here on the blog! Now you can just watch it like this it's small but... 

Rita Ora and Harry last night at G.A.Y. club.

Just to point out Harry is her celebrity crush and they finally met each other.

Last night leaving Funky Buddha ♥

They're so beautiful omg

Zayn's twitcam from December 23, 2010.

Zayn and Louis weren't at Liam's Birthday party at Funky Buddha last night.

Andy, Liam and their friends at at Funky Buddha last night ♥

Niall last night ♥

Harry last night ♥

Last night at Liam's birthday party ♥

But Harry and Zayn wet...

You can see new tattoo near his left collarbone.

Probably for their new video x

Good Night !! X