Aug 21, 2012

no :(

Nice lyrics ♥

Beautiful ♥

18.8. ♥

Niall today ♥

Celebrating Eid with Zayn and his family :)

Waliyha and Perrie

Aaroosa and Perrie

I'm so excited!

This Thursday and Friday something *massive* is going down in 1D world!! 

Harry busy in the booth!


Harry, Louis and Liam ♥

Lilo ♥

Harry ♥

Nialler ♥

Zayn ♥

Lilo yesterday ♥

MTV, VMA banner ♥

Lirry ♥

Here's the vid Zayn inviting girl to his room.

This is not the whole video, girl cropped it and made it looks like he's inviting her.