Oct 18, 2013

Fans meeting Louis and Zayn in Melbourne.

Their performances at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne - TMH Tour (17.8.2013.)

Niall reached 15 million followers :D

Answers of the questions you have asked me.

Q: Do you have a country you wanna visit ??
A: Yeah I have few actually. England, Italy, France :)

Q: who is your favourite 1D member? :)
A: Louis & Harry.. I can't decide hahah, I love them all so much.

Q: How old are you ?
A: I'm 17 :) 

Q: could you show us picture of you please? i would like to see youre face, I want to know who is that blogger, which i soooooo adore! kisses from slovenia :)
A: First thank you so so so much. And yeah here's my face:

Q: how did you become a directioner? :)
A: I was on We Heart It scrolling through some photos and then I saw them and I wondered who they were... I saw the tag 'one direction' and I typed it in Google. (That was in February 2012.)
Then it all started... I listened to WMYB and slowly started watching every possible video of them, downloaded all the songs, followed them on Twitter... and here I am now :D



AMA (Favorite Band, Duo or GrouPop/Rock & Favorite Album

Harry posted this photo on Instagram and added: ''Confused I get sometimes.''

Niall in hospital with friends (17.10.2013.)

Harry, Niall and Liam with Samantha Armytage recently.

At the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne - TMH Tour (17.10.2013.)

Be the first to get 4 tracks from Midnight Memories!

Harry's new tattoo!

Tomorrow's friday! and that means I'll be on my computer, finally... sooo ask me some questions, write them in comments, just ask anything? About me, the boys, my opinions of something?

Please? Love you & thanks for visiting my blog xx