Aug 5, 2012

Niall and Willie at the boxing tonight :D ♥

Zayn ♥

Eleanor and Louis are perfect ♥

Liam and Danielle at the Olympics 4.8. ♥


They're too sweet ♥

Vampires ♥

Swag on you ♥

After golfing 25.7.

Dear Hazza....

After golfing 25.7.

Hanging out with Olly Murs after golfing 25.7.

It's late...

and I'm chilling on a Twitter and writing this! So... some good things already happened on my birthday. Niall did a Twitcam, Louis reached 5 million followers on Twitter, here on the blog I got 50,000 views (total), and yes, I'm so glad some Directioners wished me happy birthday! This fandom is GREAT :'D

Lou reached 5 million! YES!

Niall being sexy on a Twitcam 5/8/2012. ♥

This is full ♥

Who missed? Here's the Part 1 ♥

It's my birthday, hell yeah! And Nialler is on a Twitcam! The best gift isn't it?? I must go now...Love you!! ♥

Nialler on a Twitcam! ♥

Babe ♥

Nialler on a Twitcam! ♥

Nialler on a Twitcam! ♥

Playing WMYB :)
He and his Mum on his BG :D

On a Twitcam tonight! ♥

He is here!