Oct 10, 2012

I'm going to bed. Good Night everyone! xxxx

During an interview in a toilet.

One Direction In A Toilet With Matt Edmondson.

New photoshoot!

Explanation of some of Zayn’s tattoos:

Fingers crossed tattoo: ''It's for the future - a hope that everything goes well.''

Arabic quote on the left collarbone: ''It says 'be true to who you are'. I don't believe in changing for other people.''

Microphone: ''I think this is kind of self-explanatory.''

ZAP: ''I recently got this one, which just symbolizes my love for comic books. It filled a nice spot and I've always loved comic book art.''

Seventeen Magazine photoshoot.

Live for now...

Hahaha :D

Pepsi Commercial with One Direction.

this is HD version

Pepsi Commercial - Behind The Scenes.

One Direction Make Chart History... Again!

Zarry ♥

Larry ♥

At the taping of a Pepsi Commercial.

Boys in the Seventeen Magazine (november). If you wanna read the text click on the photos for the full size!

Ah their beautiful faces!

Vote 1D at the MTV EMA's! (NEW VIDEO)

Some old hilarious photos of them. I'll be back in one hour. Kiss x