Oct 29, 2012

Louis' new tattoo!

'Far Away'

Rays Of Sunshine-Charity.

Nialler ♥

Omg they have their names on bottles haha ♥

Zayn's new tattoo!

One Direction - Little Things - 4 Days To Go

Big countdown: 16 days to go ♥

BTS at the campaign shoot

Boys with puppies!

Teaser for the Wonderland cover shoot with One Direction.

Little Things

Little Things x


Zayn and Niall at the Aura nightclub in Mayfair, London. 28.10.2012.

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Zayn has another new tattoo, don't know what it is yet...

It's just perfect.

Must go to school now :( I'll be able to hear it when I get home nfosiufah

Have a nice day xxx

8 am (UK Time) !!!

They're sending the song at 8am to all radio stations!

Here you can listen 'Little Things' for the first time at 8am (UK time)!