May 20, 2013

Niall at his hotel TODAY, Milan, Italy (20.5.2013.)

HQ photos of the boys leaving their hotel in Milan, Italy (19.5.2013.)

Zayn's drawing of Harry (he posted it on twitter)

Their performances at the Verona Arena, Italy - TMH Tour (19.5.2013.)

At the Verona Arena, Italy - TMH Tour (19.5.2013.)

The boys in Italy (19.5.2013.)

Harry signing the autographs in Verona (19.5.2013.)

The boys won 3 awards at the Billboard Awards!!

Niall and Josh last night (19.5.2013.)

niallhoran and I... Beautiful place Milan!
Hahaha ! Had a great late night walk around Milan with basil and ! Love this city , gutted mcdonalds was closed !

The arena in Verona last night (19.5.2013.)

Easily one of my favourite shows ever. Incredible venue, thank you so much for having us. You were incredible, I Love Verona. Ciao .x

Zayn, Louis in Milan, Italy (19.5.2013.)