Jun 15, 2013

I will leave you with Ziam photo (14.6.2013.)

@harrystyles: Look who got a cheese head.

Harry's new Twitter icon!

New photos:

Louis' new Twitter icon!

I recommend you not to post the photos (from here) on We Heart It.

One of the reasons I have this blog is that I could post photos on We Heart It, and then I noticed that some of you are also posting my photos (not saying I took them, but I always put source).
Please don't do that anymore.
That's why I'm going to publish some photos tonight, not now.

At the American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL - TMH Tour (14.6.2013.)

Niall and Harry at the hotel pool, Miami (14.6.2013)

[VIDEOS] At the American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL - TMH Tour (14.6.2013.)

Another video of them twerking! 
Niam <3 
Niall - I'm in Miami bitch 
Harry getting hit by smoke maching again! 
Harry wearing a flower crown / One Thing (Harry / flowercrown)
Harry playing the drums 
Harry calling out a fan cause of texting 
Liam playing a guitar 
Liam and Niall - Free Falling
Niall and Harry calling out fans for leaving too early 
Boys in Miami Heat jerseys
One Direction twerking
Talking before Twitter Questions
Twitter Questions - Fav school memories
Twitter Question - What food are you craving most right now?

Louis and Liam during I Would
More Than This
Heart Attack 
One Thing 
Loved You First - Niall
WMYB - Harry's solo
Loved You First 
Bit of C'mon, C'mon 
Moments / Moments
Change My Mind 
Rock Me
Back For You 
I Would 
More Than This 
Up All Night
Little Things 
One Way Or Another 

The end of the concert 

Harry brushing his teeth

At the American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL - TMH Tour (14.6.2013.)