Jul 30, 2013

Harry went golfing, Seattle (29.7.2013.)

Behind the Scenes at British GQ | 2 Days To Go

Harry for GQ Magazine.

One direction - Best song ever - soundcheck

Hai Harry!

oh my God

One of my favourite photos of Zayn.

Aww Liam

How beautiful he is...

Larry ♥

They are so handsome!

Best Song Ever (Behind The Scenes)

Harry Styles for Trekstock. 3 weeks left.

Hittin balls off the edge of the cliff as the sunsets! Best day off I've had in a long time!

Hey Hey! Keep tweeting this: #MTVHottest One Direction if you wanna our boys to win ;)

On how One Direction will be remembered:

Zayn: "I want a monument put up in Bradford! They will build statues of us. No, I want to change pop culture..."
Louis:"As a boy band that didn't dance."
Niall: "It would be great to just be remembered."

(GQ Magazine)

1D for GQ Magazine 2013