Jul 29, 2013

Teen Vogue Cover Shoot 2013 - Behind The Scenes

If you are going to use my photos credit me!


  1. Ive had a very calm day and then i see this:D d'you wanna literally kill me with photo nr 6 and 7 dear? THANKS♡

  2. Of course it is,and ur doing it really well,loving ur blog!

  3. I just want to take a moment and thank you for your effort, you are so amazing and so is your blog I know that you have to work a lot and we can't thank you enough I'm visiting you blog daily and sometimes more than twice a day good job
    Greeting from Morocco <3

    1. Yes I'm spending most of my day on this blog. Sometimes don't but..
      I can be busy with other things too so please don't mind :)

      Thank YOU so much for visiting it. I'm really happy because I'm getting comments like yours :)
      Kisses :**