Apr 18, 2012

Funny stuff ♥

Funny stuff ♥

Oh yes!

Funny stuff ♥

Harry ♥

Dear God...


Dearest One Direction ♥

Brisbane, Convention and exhibition centre.

Niam on Twitcam ♥

Strawberry and Niall :D

Liam, Zayn and Niall on Twitcam ♥

Toothbrush ♥ and sexy Zayn.

1D ♥

Luvly :D

Harry ♥

Dear God...(click on the photo for full size)

Up All Night - The Live Tour DVD: Behind The Scenes ♥

And he's gone. Bye Liam and thanks ♥

With koalas ♥


Zayn holding koala ♥


Niam on Twitcam ♥

Lovely, hahah :D

Ziam on Twitcam ♥


Zayn and baby Lux ♥

The cutest thing ever! OMG!
Twitcam...Louis, Zayn.

Harry holding koala ♥

So cute. 

Zayn ♥

Yeaaah they're on twitcam. LOVE IT <3

Hazza ♥

Hello sexy!
Good morning, gotta go to school ><

Niall ♥

My 100. post. Lovely.

Zayn ♥