Sep 6, 2012

I have to go...

Just keep voting for our boys... Unfortunately I won't be able to watch them live :( 
I'll try to post photos after it's finished. 
Good Luck One Direction! x

Keep voting!!!!!


Love you Nialler! You're welcome Liam! X

This can't beee! I'm soo happy for her!

Adam Lambert - If I Had You

yeah I just had to post it, great song you should listen to it :)

Good luck tonight boys! ♥♥

Lilo ♥

Louis getting ready to surf in LA.
Liam waxing his board.

Zayn at VMA's rehearsal! ♥

Livestream for the VMA's tonight! ♥

Ahh cuties! ♥

'' Contemplation at its best ! ''

I love them! ♥

Outside the hotel yesterday :) ♥


With fans yesterday! ♥

Part 1, you can find others on the same youtube account :)


Okay here are just two photos lol

Oh God I missed so much photos, videos (etc.) from the boys :( I'm so upset now, I hate different timezones!

I promise I'll upload all photos and videos when I'm home from school. I'm finishing earlier today so in about 6 hours I'll be home.