Apr 26, 2013

Niall at a golf course today (26.4.2013.)

Awhh his smile is so cute.


Eleanor and Louis - The Yorkshire Tea Train

Zayn with a fan in Paris today (26.4.2013.)

Niall today (26.4.2013.)

Harry out in LA today (26.4.2013.)

Harry leaving Dan Tana’s Restaurant in LA last night (25.4.2013.)

With a fan today (26.4.2013.)

So so so beautiful!

Harry Styles & Ruby Stewart with Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster departing Dan Tana's in LA

Harry leaving Dan Tana’s with Rod Stewart (25.4.2013.)

Zayn at the O2 Arena (5.4.2013.)

You are all asking who is Laura and is she with Niall...

So Laura Whitmore (27) is an Irish presenter on British television for MTV Europe. If you want to know more about her, google her name.

And I think they are not together, they're just good friends.

Love this photo so much!

Aww Lou

ZAYN and PERRIE KISS at Eiffel Tower Paris !!!! (Celebratin their 1 year anniversary, 25.4.2013.)

Perrie and Zayn in Paris (25.4.2013.)

NiallOfficial: I met my all time music heroes today 'the eagles' ! Well two of them! Don Henley and Timothy b shmit !#goosebumps