Jul 28, 2012

Same red T-shirt ♥

Simply beautiful! ♥

Niall today playing WMYB on a guitar!

Angel ♥

Playing Golf!!!!!!

OMG Amazing!

Eleanor's ♥

Beautiful ♥

Zayn ♥

Harry today ♥

Harry drunk last night x

Hazza today leaving his hotel ♥


Harry after the wedding 27.7.

That girl is Una from Saturday's. And she's 30.

Harry after the wedding 27.7.

Niall and Harry ♥

 Before the wedding...
At the wedding...

YES! Now we know for sure! ♥

London 27.7.2012

Olypmics-opening ceremony.

Zayn ♥

Hazza ♥

Payne ♥

Nialler ♥

Hell yeah ♥

Those 1Derful Things ♥

Congrats Boys!

Dialy Star is reporting that Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn will be heading to London to perform at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.
One Direction will reportedly be singing their smash hit ''What Makes You Beautiful'' along with thousand flash mob dancers who will perform a spectacular routine.
A source told the Daily Star Sunday: ''The main theme of the Olympic closing-ceremony will be celebrating the best of British music, so it's only right that One Direction are opening the show. (...)
It's all top secret and the boys aren't allowed to talk about it but they're thrilled. It's isn't everyday you get instant exposure of performing in front of billion people.''