Oct 6, 2012

Going to sleep! x

And yeah that's Zayn looking perfect outside the BBC Radio 1 Studios today.

Liam confirming that he's single!

Zayn leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios today.

Niall outside the BBC Radio 1 studios today.

Just few photos from today.

Niall outside the BBC Radio 1 studios today.

Harry and Louis leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios today.

Padlock, clover and looks like a key.

Song about boys' mums!

Louis and Greg at the BBC Radio 1 now ♥

I can't listen to BBC Radio 1 anymore, cause I have to go :/ I won't listen Louis and Niall's 20 minutes more. Bye babes!

If you didn't listen to the boys, you can do it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/xParadice/videos?flow=grid&view=0

Nialler on BBC Radio 1 last 2 hours ♥

Niall will be on radio 25 minutes more and then is Louis' turn!

Niall is playing guitar and signing random songs!

Zayn leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios maybe 10 mins ago ♥

Zayn and Scott playing Innuendo Bingo.

Part 1

Part 2

Liam and Gemma dancing to Gangam Style earlier.

Zayn's shoutout to some Directioners!

Niall with ginger beard lol

Huw wanted to see what  looked like with his very own ginger beard. We think it suits him, do you? 

Niall and Huw at BBC Radio 1 now ♥

Zayn at BBC Radio 1 ♥

and here is he spitting the water during the Innuendo Bingo game:

Zayn and Scott phone called Conor :D

And recently (12.9.) he came to see Niall and Zayn at Zayn's house and Perrie was there too! :)

Zayn is talking about friendship with Justin Bieber and he said his house and garden are 'wow'!

Zayn and Scott at BBC Radio 1 ♥

They have fake names when they stay in hotel!

Omg he is so beautiful!

Zayn is now on BBC Radio 1 yeeeeeees! ♥

Zayn and Scott Mills at BBC Radio 1 ♥

Team lads at BBC Radio 1 ♥

It's Zayn's turn to be on BBC Radio 1 ♥

DM to Niall from one girl!



Radio 1 Schedule: Liam 8am-10am; Harry 10am-12pm; Zayn 12pm-2pm; Niall 2pm-4pm; Louis 4pm-6pm UK time.

Now Grimmy and Harry are on BBC Radio 1 ♥

Liam at BBC Radio 1 ♥

Nick and Harry at BBC Radio 1 ♥

Here's link to listen Liam on BBC Radio 1 ♥

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Photos from LWWY Behind The Scenes!

* Zayn looking at Harry while hugging that guy hahaha *