Oct 18, 2013

Answers of the questions you have asked me.

Q: Do you have a country you wanna visit ??
A: Yeah I have few actually. England, Italy, France :)

Q: who is your favourite 1D member? :)
A: Louis & Harry.. I can't decide hahah, I love them all so much.

Q: How old are you ?
A: I'm 17 :) 

Q: could you show us picture of you please? i would like to see youre face, I want to know who is that blogger, which i soooooo adore! kisses from slovenia :)
A: First thank you so so so much. And yeah here's my face:

Q: how did you become a directioner? :)
A: I was on We Heart It scrolling through some photos and then I saw them and I wondered who they were... I saw the tag 'one direction' and I typed it in Google. (That was in February 2012.)
Then it all started... I listened to WMYB and slowly started watching every possible video of them, downloaded all the songs, followed them on Twitter... and here I am now :D



  1. sumeja.beganovic@gmail.comOctober 21, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    My sister is a popular blogger?! :) love you beauty

    1. I don't know haha, not really. Thanks I love you too :)