Oct 13, 2013

Louis' Pacman tattoo is so cute!

and Harry has got a new tattoo, looks like a leaf?


  1. apparently the silverleaf (I think that's what it is) is the official foliage of New Zealand...something like that. It looks like the temporary tattoos Niall, Gemma & Deo got the other day - remember the Instagram pic? But this one could be real; IDK y Harry would have a temp tattoo in the middle of his real ones.

    1. ohhh thanks for the explanation! Yes it's similar to their tattoos. And this is totally real as you said why would he have temporary tattoo xx

    2. Re Louis' Pacman tattoo...is the ghost red? because that means that the Pacman is going to die when it "eats" him...the ghosts have to be blue in order to eat them! It's a Pacman suicide mission on his arm if it's red! :( :(

    3. don't worry.. i think it's just a cute pacman tattoo. nothing to do with suicide!x